MathSticks – Making Math Visual

MathSticks make teaching and learning math easy, fun, and frustration free. Learn what MathSticks can do for your children!

What Are MathSticks?

MathSticks are physical representations of numbers that allow children to pick up, compare, and explore number relationships. Using MathSticks, children can understand basic addition subtraction, multiplication, division, division with remainder, fractions and even beginning algebra.
With easy to follow lesson plans, parents can become their child’s best teacher.



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How Do Parents Use MathSticks?

Each week new exercises covering different math topics will be released. If you spend 10 minutes a day exploring new math topics, your children will develop specific skills as well as a strong number sense. All you need to do is follow the lesson plans to make it happen.


Children of All Ages Can Use MathSticks

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) strongly advocates the use of math manipulatives in teaching concepts to children. We believe that preschool and elementary aged children can benefit greatly. The earlier your children are introduced to manipulatives, the stronger their number sense will be. You read to your children every day to prepare for school. How much time do you spend with numbers?


“MathSticks have helped our students develop a stronger understanding of math through the physical manipulation and visualization of a particular concept. We know that in order for students to develop a strong number sense, math manipulatives are an integral part of that growth process. MathSticks have provided that hands-on experience to help our students develop and understand. I highly recommend using MathSticks in the classroom AND at home.”
David French
Principal, Tallwood Elementary School
Virginia Beach City Public Schools


MathSticks – Helping Children Learn Math Visually

MathSticks will help your children gain a strong number sense before they start school and continue to help them master concepts being taught in the classroom. You’ll love watching your children explore and learn new math concepts every single day. Give your children a head start in math and put MathSticks in their hands today!


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