About Designer Joan Harwin

Joan Harwin is the designer and creator of MathSticks, which she used most successfully in teaching children basic math concepts. Her background is in elementary school education and she has been a teacher in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools for over 25 years. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BS in Education, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Administration and Supervision of Instruction. Joan Harwin has taught 2 or more years at each elementary grade level, First through Fifth.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Harwin strived to find exciting, interesting ways to teach her students. She wrote and received grants to enhance math instruction totaling over $10,000. She was voted Teacher of the Year twice by her peers and was selected by her school division to receive additional training in mathematics instruction at the University of Chicago, as well as training with noted math educator, Marilyn Burns, in a math program at Bowdoin College.