Ages 5-7

Addition and subtraction practice and learning becomes easy with MathSticks. These hands-on math activities are designed to teach your children addition and subtraction by matching lengths and introducing them to fact families. With practice, your children will easily see and understand the properties of addition and subtraction.
Each of these activities can be completed in 5-8 minutes.

#1 Measuring#2 Adding#3 Adding#4 More experience with addition#5 Subtraction

#1 Measuring

Show child how to measure and match each stick to the number line. Example in the photo: 8 stick matches 8 units or 8 inches on the number line.

Activity 1-2

#2 Adding

2+1 = 3 , and 1+2= 3 Place sticks on the number line as in the photo.

Activity 2-2

#3 Adding

3+2 = 5 and 2+3 =5 Match with number line as in the photo.

Activity 3-2

#4 More experience with addition

Place the 2 stick on the line, place another 2 stick next to it to show that 2+2=4. Allow your child to create addition equations as his/her interest peaks. If appropriate, write the equations he/she makes on paper. The models should help him/her commit these basic facts to memory.

Activity 4-2

#5 Subtraction

Compare to find the difference between two quantities. Place the 8 stick on the line (measure to confirm that it is the 8 stick). Place the 5 stick under it. Look at the missing space to choose a stick that fits in the missing space. The stick is the 3 stick. This models the equation 8-5=3. This is the best way to think about subtraction, but it can also be shown as “take away”. Place eight 1 sticks on the line. Take five away. Three are left. 8-5= 3

Activity 5-2