Why Use MathSticks

Math isn’t just about memorization, but truly learning and understanding math concepts. MathSticks are the easiest way for parents to help their children explore and learn math in a visual way. There’s no substitute for being able to visualize math.

MathSticks reduce your children’s confusion and improve their understanding of math. When you combine MathSticks with our weekly math activities, you’ll watch your children keep a positive attitude towards math, even when they come across new or complex concepts.

What MathSticks Can Teach

Use MathSticks With:

Pre-k Toddlers

MathSticks introduce your child to the wonderful world of numbers!


Lesson Plans

MathSticks are used by schools and teachers nationwide and are effective math manipulatives for toddlers. Once your toddlers are familiar with counting and recognizing printed numbers, you don’t have to wait for them to be in school to learn more! You can continue the learning by teaching your toddlers the basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and more! If you have toddlers, give them a head start in math by developing a strong number sense before they enter school!

Grade School

MathSticks help to reaffirm math concepts taught in class at home.


Lesson Plans

Using MathSticks to teach math doesn’t end when your children enter school. MathSticks then become a great companion to the curriculum taught in the classroom. You’ll use MathSticks, and our weekly math activities, to follow along and practice math concepts taught in class to ensure that your children have the greatest level of understanding. Best of all, if your children are struggling with a math concept they’re learning in class, you’ll easily be able to use MathSticks as a tool to clarify and demonstrate the concept to them at home!

Home School

MathSticks are the perfect complement for homeschool curriculum


Lesson Plans

You don’t have to be a professional math teacher to help your children learn and master math concepts. MathSticks help to remove the guesswork out of teaching and demonstrating math. We’ll provide you with simple, straightforward lesson plans that help you understand math concepts quickly and then you can easily introduce these concepts to your children. Our math activities have been used in schools across the nation and now we’re putting them into your hands. You’ll be able to incorporate the relevant exercises into your current topic and even be able to create your own exercises using MathSticks!

Every Parent Needs MathSticks for Their Child.


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We believe that doing a hands-on math activity with your children every day is just as important as reading to your children to develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. Make sure your children have the solid math foundations they need to make sure they’re prepared for higher levels of learning. Giving your children a head start in math can set them up for a lifetime of success in math. Make MathSticks a fast, fun, and meaningful part of your children’s daily routine!


MathSticks – Helping Children Learn Math Visually

If you have toddlers or older children who know how to count, then you need MathSticks! MathSticks can help pre-k toddlers through grade school children learn math in a visual and hands-on way. No matter what educational stage your children are at, you can promote their educational achievement with MathSticks!

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